The VSP voluntary vision plan includes benefits for eye exams, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

IN-NETWORK When you visit a VSP provider, you must pay a copay to your provider at the time of service. Your VSP provider will file claims for you and will be reimbursed directly by VSP for allowable charges. No need to show an insurance card -- simply tell your vision provider you have VSP. To find a VSP provider, go to Reference the “choice” network to find an in-network VSP doctor.

OUT-OF-NETWORK When you visit an out-of-network provider for your vision care, you must pay your expenses in full at the time of service and submit a claim to VSP for reimbursement up to plan allowances, which are shown in the table below:


Additional benefits are available for diabetic eyecare and care for individuals with severe vision problems that are not correctable with regular lenses. Refer to the VSP plan document for additional details. Discounts are available for non-covered services such as additional glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses and laser vision correction surgery.