Q:   What happens to my benefits if I’m on unpaid leave that is not protected under FMLA?

A:   Please see the following:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance – Insurance may continue without interruption; however, the employee must pay the full premium on a per day basis for such coverage.  Leaves extending more than four months in duration will be offered COBRA continuation. Whenever possible, arrangements for payment should be made prior to leave commencement.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts – Employees participating in a Health Care Account and/or Dependent Care Account will need to make prior arrangements for payments while on unpaid leave.  If payment is not made prior to the commencement of leave, your FSA account will be suspended and claims for reimbursement will not be processed. 
  • Basic Life Insurance – Insurance continues for a maximum of 12 months while on leave.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance – Insurance continues provided the premiums are paid.
  • Accrual of Paid Time Off – Employees will not continue to earn paid time off while on an unpaid leave. Licensed employees may and Classified employeesmust use all earned, unused PTO and/or vacation prior to commencing an unpaid leave.
  •  Bereavement Leave/Snow Days/Jury/Witness Duty – An employee is not eligible while on unpaid leave.
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Savings Plan – The employee’s contributions will be suspended during the period of any unpaid leave, but the employee will not incur a break in service for the purpose of the TSA.  The employee’s funds will continue to share in investment experience during this period.  Except for making contributions, the employee may take any action available to active employees regarding the disposition of his/her account.  Upon the employee’s return, contributions may be resumed immediately.
  • PERA Vesting – Time spent on unpaid leave in will not count towards vesting in SVVSD contributions.
  • Experience Step – Licensed employees must work at least 92 contract days per fiscal year to receive their experience step. 
  • Employee Travel Assistance Program – An employee is eligible for Travel Assistance while on leave.